What is SNSUS?

SNSUS (Stiftelsen Nordiska Sällskapet för Upplysning om Spelberoende) is the Nordic Foundation, The Nordic Society Foundation for Information about Problem Gambling. It was founded in 1999 with the purpose of sharing knowledge and information about Problem Gambling.

The foundation was established to arrange an annual Nordic conference about the treatment of problem gamblers and their relatives.

Why a Nordic conference focused on treatment for problem gamblers and problem gambling in general?
We, the founders of SNSUS, work with treatment of problem gamblers in Denmark , Finland, Iceland, Norway and Sweden. When we met at different international conferences the idea of setting up a network between the Nordic countries arose.

It’s a small group of people who work with gamblers and their relatives up here in the North, so why not get together and exchange experiences and knowledge in these issues? We are convinced that there is a need even among others to meet and discuss treatment of problem gamblers and their relatives.

Gambling conferences are arranged around the world by gaming industries, institutions connected to universities, other industries with no affiliations to any other company or organization, regulated government authorities or other with interests in gaming issues. At many of these conferences problem gambling is on the agenda but seldom or never is problem gambling or treatment the main theme of the conference.

We therefore made a commitment to arrange a conference every other year with the theme gambling problems and treatment. During two days we will be able to discuss different kinds of treatment, network issues, diagnostics, relapse prevention and other important and interesting themes for those who work with treatment for gamblers.

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